5th December 2016


Ossix Plus

The OSSIX PLUS resorbable membrane is a collagen dental membrane for Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) and Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR).

The unique, patented GLYMATRIX™ cross-linking technology provides OSSIX PLUS the ability to maintain barrier functionality for 4-6 months, allowing sufficient time for osseous defects to achieve optimal bone regeneration.

Over 100 peer-reviewed publications have been published. Read one by clicking here: Alveolar Ridge Augmentation and Ossification of Thick vs. Thin Sugar Cross-linked Collagen Membranes in a Canine L-shape Defect Model

The membrane has excellent handling properties and readily adapts and conforms to defects.
Without need to tack or suture, it has dual-sided usage.

The collagen is porcine-derived, providing excellent biocompatibility.

Please refer to Ossix Plus Instructions for Use (IFU) for detailed information and before use.



GLYMATRIX™ Technology in Brief

 GLYMATRIX™ technology is based on a natural biochemical process called glycation. This process uses sugars to cross-link collagen molecules producing a collagen matrix. This collagen matrix can be tailored to deliver a range of products of varying physical properties and customized longevity.

GLYMATRIX™ technology is a proprietary collagen cross-linking technology. This cross linking technology, utilizes a natural, sugar-based, cross-linking agent, similar to the naturally occurring process in the human body. GLYMATRIX technology delivers the well recognized benefits of collagen-based biomaterials, while designed to provide safe and effective products.

GLYMATRIX technology represents a novel design of collagen-based bio-matrices. It offers the ability to specifically engineer biomaterial implants with long-lasting effects, enhanced stability and properties similar to those of natural collagen found in the body. It is ideally suited to reconstructive and aesthetic medicine because it enables biological materials to be programmed to perform in a manner appropriate to their intended application.

GLYMATRIX cross linking technology is the subject of several international patents. and is the culmination of years of research into glycation as a cross linking mechanism. It results in a collagen matrix that looks and feels like part of the patient’s own tissue. It is expected to raise the use of collagen in cosmetic, dental and reconstructive medicine.


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