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Bone Regeneration in the Posterior Maxilla Lecture and Hands-on

Save The Date Novabone Bone Regeneration in the Posterior Maxilla

Implant Support Services and NovaBone are pleased to announce that they are hosting a lecture and hands on titled “Bone Regeneration in the Posterior Maxilla” presented by Dr Udatta Kher. Bone Regeneration in the Posterior Maxilla Topics covered will include: Sinus augmentation protocols (different approaches besides Versah) Block Graft Ridge Split Ridge Augmentation Please note […]

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Genuine Zest Products for Straumann® Implants Now Available Through Implant Support Services

Genuine LOCATOR Attachment Systems Now Available For STRAUMANN Implants

Zest Dental Solutions® has announced that clinicians and laboratories can now order LOCATOR®, LOCATOR R-Tx®, and LOCATOR F-Tx® components for Straumann Implants directly from Implant Support Services. The award-winning LOCATOR Attachment System was launched 17 years ago. Beginning in 2004, LOCATOR Abutments and Components for Straumann Implants were only available directly from Straumann. As of […]

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SPECIAL: 30% Discount on ZEST Anchors R-TX products

Zest Anchors Zest Locator

Introducing DuraTec: The new shade of strength and ZEST LOCATOR® innovation. Strength meets function in the innovative new ZEST LOCATOR R-Tx. Composed of multiple layers of titanium carbon nitride and titanium nitride, the patent pending DuraTec Coating provides a harder, more wear resistant Abutment exterior. In fact, it’s over 30% harder, has more than 25% […]

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OFFER EXTENDED! Novabone Dental Putty special – 25% discount on selected cartridges

Novabone Dental Putty

Buy 4 boxes Novabone EU3620 and get 1 box free for R11, 740.00 (Incl. vat) OR Buy 2 boxes and get 1 single free for R5, 870.00 (Incl. vat)* That’s 25% discount! NovaBone Dental Putty® NovaBone Dental Putty is a new, next generation Calcium-Phosphosilicate bone graft material based on NovaBone’s bioengineered technology platform that offers […]

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Ossix Plus

The OSSIX PLUS resorbable membrane is a collagen dental membrane for Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) and Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR). The unique, patented GLYMATRIX™ cross-linking technology provides OSSIX PLUS the ability to maintain barrier functionality for 4-6 months, allowing sufficient time for osseous defects to achieve optimal bone regeneration. Over 100 peer-reviewed publications have been published. Read […]

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NovaBone Dental Putty – Osteostimulative Composite

NovaBone Dental Putty

Dental Putty is a new, next generation Calciumphosphosilicate bone graft material built from a bioactive glass platform with additives to improve handling and efficacy. Download the fact sheet by clicking here. Indications • Immediate implant surgeries • Sinus elevation surgeries • Socket regeneration – Ridge preservation • Furcation defects & Periodontal pockets • Post apicoectomy […]

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