12th November 2015

Download the latest fact sheet: NovaBone Putty – Osteostimulative Composite

Novanbone - driving innovation in osteobiologics

Putty is a new, next generation Calciumphosphosilicate bone graft material built from a bioactive glass platform with additives to improve handling and efficacy.

Download the fact sheet by clicking here.

• Immediate implant surgeries
• Sinus elevation surgeries
• Socket regeneration – Ridge preservation
• Furcation defects & Periodontal pockets
• Post apicoectomy bone regeneration
• After third molar extractions
• Maxillofacial surgeries – CLP, mastoid obliteration, etc

Unique Properties
• Unique Presentation
• No Mixing, thawing required
• Excellent material retention at defect site
• Adapts well to different shapes and surfaces of defects
• Eliminates concerns of device migration
• Fool Proof – No concerns of under/over condensation

• Overcomes the drawbacks of particulate grafts
• No mixing required – package to placement
• Excellent ease of handling
• Great adaptability – provides greater graft-implant surface area
• Hydrophilic – blends with blood
• Stays in place – no device migration – Excellent for use in Furcation defects where retention is a problem
• Smooth surface texture – helps prevent damage to sinus membrane during sinus elevation